Let Sportlogin do your off-ice

Why Sportlogin?


Manage your schedule with your own personalized fees


Automatically edit your invoices and send them in


Communicate with the parents within the app

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Allow your students to pay online in a click

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What is Sportlogin?

Over the years, I've noticed spending more and more time managing planning, invoices and communication rather than actually coaching.

I had to find a sustainable solution to remediate that. I decided to create a new solution as I couldn't find an affordable, simple enough solution on the market.

That allowed me to save significant administrative time to keep the focus on the main activity.

It's been 10 years I'm using this solution called SPORTLOGIN

Software capabilities

  • PLAN, lessons and events easily
  • PERSONNALIZE, your different fees
  • MANAGE, your students profile
  • STAY INFORMED, with real time visibility of the planning, for you and your students
  • INVOICE, easily and automatically
  • KEEP TRACK, of payments and invoices